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What We Do

Charitable activities are managed by the help of generous donors who extend their helping hands to people who are in need.

Old Age Home

Special care with Assistance for Old Age People.

Mental Illness Care

Our support assistants are trained to provide mental health care.

Disabled Care

We extends our care to the disabled who are in need of care.

Palliative Care

Services for people who are in the stages of their illness.


The New Malabar Rehabilitation Center was functioning in a rented house at Pallikkara near Bekal in Kasargod district. Later, after selling the family property, 90 cents of land was bought at Malpachery in Madikai Grama Panchayath and built a house there with local support.

Established in 2003, it has provided asylum to1803 lives in the past 18 years. The organization which, currently has 115 inmates, includes men and women.
In the religion of love, everyone lives here with satisfaction in their faith. “Mr.Chackochan, a person with 75% physical disabilities, provides support to the mentally and physically exhausted individuals”

There are still human beings in our cities who share food in the garbage heaps with dogs to gratify their hunger. Such lives are depicted by the society as insane when they plead for a meal. The mission of New Malabar Punanradhivasa Kendra Charitable Trust is to become a support and shade for such fleeing lives.

Their whole faces were covered with beards and hair, without even realizing they were human. They wore four or five shirts at a time and their clothes were grafted on to their body. Sometimes their clothes were to be cut, as they were so clung to their bodies. Such street lives, who were living on the sidewalks and the verandas of shops, are found, treated with love and led to a happy and dignified life by this rehabilitation center. Mr.Muthu, Mr.Vinu, Mr.kunjambadi etc are examples who came to a new life from their old deplorable situations.

Mr. Musthafa is another example who had a disease of defecating and urinating unconsciously. When he was begging for food from house to house, no one allowed him to go near them. Finally he collapsed without food. This institution came to the help of Musthafa and now he is one of the best volunteers of this charitable center.


NMPC Trust gives special care for the aged and especially those who are left alone at old age. They are provided better medical treatment and care and also lovely atmosphere created where they are given love, affection and everything required at their age. We take it as our mission to provide them a love away from their home.

Disabled Care

There are a lot of physically challenged inmates especially those who cannot fulfill their basic needs alone are in NMPC trust their disability. Separated them from their own homes NMPC provides them better medical treatment our aim is to make them lead a better life without depending others For that we provide them skill training in various fields for the mentally challenged, we give training in bottle art, clay model etc. At NMPC trust, we cares physically impaired, visually impaired, hearing loss and who can't speak.

Palliative Care

Top priority is given to palliative care also by the trust. The isolated bed ridden patients are given almost care and treatment at NMPC. We provide shelter for such patients.

Mental Illness Care

Another challenge the NMPC faces is the rehabilitation of the mentally retarded people especially the young stars we find a lot of such people especially young star feeling from the waste wandering in the streets quenching their thrust from the drainage. We do all possible things to bring them back to normal life including medical treatment about 245 young stars were so far brought back to normal life with the help of the trust. They are leading normal life with their families in different parts of our country.

Protection of Families who are facing mental illness

In some cases, more than one member of a family suffers from depression.We take them because it is difficult to keep them in a family environment.In addition, the NMPC trust pays close attention to the families who find it difficult to care for their mentally ill son, daughter, mother or father, living together under one care and providing them with all the comforts of home, as at home.

Protection for aged couples

NMPC takes at most care protection for the aged couples especially who are sick and isolated having no children.

Protection of mothers at their own home

The NMPC trust protects childless widowed mothers living alone in their own homes. We at NMPC Family take great care to provide all the possible assistance and lifelong care to them.

Self employment programs

"A venture to make the family members self sufficient" Units like tailoring, agricultural farm, dairy farm, craft making and furniture work were established to provide a place in the society where the inmates of this family could live in dignity.


Psychological pleasure is the best medicine for any illness. NMPC family places great importance on the mental enjoyment of the inmates. By accommodating inmates, an art fair is held here weekly. The center also organizes various competitions and gives prizes to the winners. Hygiene awareness programs, health seminars, life style disease diagnosis camps etc are conducted by this centre. School and college students that come for the visit and various other organizations are presenting dramas and other cultural programs for the inmates. These programs provide mental exhilaration to the members of the NMPC family.

Activities for mental relaxation

We at NMPC Trust, teaches mental relaxation activities like bottle art, paper flower, clay models etc.


Unarve is a project started by the nmpc family by giving importance health through yoga.the project was initiated on the 21th of june . With the international yoga day in addition to controlling the menatal health of the inmates ,obesight and diabetes through yoga practice without medicationthis make the NMPC family members mental being.


Prathiksha is a tree planting project for nmpc family members birthday.


We include the marginalized lives in the main stream of society by creating a living environment for them through self employment and farming. The NMPC family produces vegetables that are not sprayed with pesticides. The main source fertilizer is the slurry which is obtained from the bio plant. The NMPC family itself is overseeing the care of cows and other pets.

Saksharatha mission

It is project that will promote education irrespective of age , religion,caste,gender.This project encourages inmates literary,reading,writing and drawing skills. Books of different category and different languages all available at our library. Our library create an atmosphere of new knowledge and imagination and helps them forget all their worries and miseries.


Ayurveda therapy under proper guidance is given at NMPC for the physically challenged. Thus we can bring them back to normal physical condition.

Your Contribution Can Make World Better!

Please remember us in your prayers and extend your hand of generosity to power our activities.